Welcome to Fairybrush.com!

Named for fairies, my site reflects my love of color and nature. Yes, in the children's section you will find fantasy and fairy paintings which I'm available to paint on commission. You will also find an array of work depicting the local landscape and flora in other sections.

Growing up in eastern Europe I was lucky to live in an environment where the arts were respected and treasured. I was taught painting in the "classic" style. After emigrating to the United States I studied painting, printmaking, and trained as an illustrator. I worked as a commercial artist for over twelve years. In recent years I went back to my roots painting mainly in water based media. Initially I chose watercolors for their ease to set up and low toxicity (an issue when children are also playing in the studio) but I soon found watercolor's unpredictability and fluidity an endless source of exploration and joy. The paintings shown here are for sale unless otherwise noted. Enjoy!

Sara Kee

Contact me at aquarelle@fairybrush.com with your questions and comments.

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